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I switch on my brain constantly! dr. Danica Grujičić on Cannabis RTS 23.12.2015

Please HELP the patients to get legal cannabis in Serbia. There is a serious obstruction and violation of our basic human rights in our country.
Conversation on main public TV Chanel with dr. Danica Grujicic, neurosurgeon, professor and chairman of the Government Commission for legalizing Cannabis for medicine. 23.12.2015, RTS1:

“Journalist: – So, you are not against of the use of cannabis?
Dr. Grujičić: – No. I am not. I just need to have a proved efficacy.
J: – If someone is really better, facilitated his problems, because of that?
Dr: – No. There are clinical studies that are known exactly how they were performed.

J: – So, you do not accept the practice?
Dr: – No. What is the practice?

J: – The practice is, for example, if I have a serious illness, I am using the medical cannabis , and I am smuggling it , but I feel better because of using it.

Dr: – And what to do with those who do not feel better, because there are such?

J: – And what about those who feel better?
Dr: – Well, they can get other medication, that’s the point …

J: – No matter if he feels better with that medicine?
Dr: – No matter if he feels better with that medicine.
It is not a cure at all! It is oil. It is not a medicine.

J: – The remedy?

Dr: -Yes. That is a remedy. You have a situation that individuals claim that this is a panacea, cure for all diseases. No, it is not. I’m talking about the symptoms first. And when symptoms are concerned you have a lot of drugs that also prevent nausea, vomiting, for getting an appetite and these are formally registered drugs. What was the problem? We had a problem with this medication ,because the costs for them was not covered by health insurance fund.
What is good from this campaign is the fact that all these medicines that allow patients to easily tolerate chemo-therapy now be on the list of medicines free of charge.

This is what is good from this cannabis campaign and what did came out . We have discussed on the Commission about cannabis-based drugs that are precisely known concentration, composition and what are the effects and indications for using that. This medicines will be registered in Serbia and will be available to patients. Everything else , like vitamin B12 means everything to someone. On the other hand you have the placebo effect and we have to be aware of that.

J: – Exactly. that. Because we are at the very end of the show I have , very briefly , to ask you – how do you maintain the hygiene of your brain? ( She is neurosurgeon)

Dr: – So, that I’m turning on my brain constantly. The brain must constantly be involved.
That means you must not believe everything you see on television, you must think about all the processes that take place in society and make your own decisions. I think that our people are famous for that characteristic.

J: – Can we believe in what you have just talked about and it was on television?
Dr: – I hope so 🙂 🙂 🙂

– Thank you Professor Danica .”


From March till now Government commission did nothing. Meanwhile, people with terminal diseases have been arrested just because they used to heal themselves with cannabis and decarboxylated extract of the flowers (RSO).
We need your help to spread the truth about hard violation of our basic human rights.

Serbia is the country with more public testimonies about healing with cannabis than any other country in Europe, and more public meetings, seminars and protests, than in any part of the world in this year. We opened cannabis social clubs in many cities as ill people for education centers, and made a large archive of translated medical studies and other documents that confirm the therapeutic effects of cannabis and cannabinoids, but no answer from those who decide on our destiny we’ve received ever since.

Thousands of people, mothers, children, our families depend now on ignorance and are in constant fear of being arrested during their therapy with cannabis. The cure that can help so many ill people in our country, with very bad social and health care. Serbia is the country with the highest percent of ones who died from cancer, and we have one of the worst diagnostic system for early cancer detection in the world.

In Serbia thousands of people illegally use cannabis and cannabis oil for healing cancer, MS, epilepsy, Crohn’s disease, diabetes, and other, with a lot of success.

Insert from the movie ‘Cannabis between the pain and law’, VICE Serbia production, 20.12.2015 (TV B92). Last Sunday Serbian public, and specially parents and patients were shocked by Dr. Danica Grujicic’s glorifying of morphine as fantastic medicine, which taken in 4-5 injection doses will not make you addictive. In addition, she claimed that Cannabis is very dangerous and that it is not medicine at all.: Who need Cannabis, morphium is fantastic medicine! Dr Grujičić 20.12.2015

You can find all our testimonies and evidences on the web site of our humanitarian organization IRKA, as well on our YT channel:

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