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14. December 2016. Dragan Alargić is one of the HUMANISTS who helped so many people, and saved so many lives with his knowledge. He was arrested as revenge for disclosure of a dealers who sold ‘shit’ as oil for severe illnesses. Our Organization receive too many information about people who sold fake RSO or CBD oil and we cannot shout about it. In order to protect the ill our duty as a humanitarian organization is to disclose all these facts, connections with Mafia and people from the institution.

Dragan is the front line soldier in a war for the CURE and Freedom of all the people who use cannabis oil.
He fights for all of us, and they know that, as well as the whole Balkan knows Dragan and who he is.

Along with our work on educating the people in Serbia and with our friends in Balkan as well about medical benefits of Cannabis, ill people of the IRKA Organization must fight also against Mafia and the pharmacy-lobby interests, while police and government officials aren’t doing anything but arresting the ill and putting on public trial mothers and families who testify about the use of cannabis for treating their illnesses.

After recieving several threats within last couple of days, yesterday, at about 1 PM, the police broke into Dragan’s and his wife’s apartment. The police said they found a small quantity of domestic Cannabis, but we know that they didn’t find him NOTHING at home!? Dragan used RSO for his treatment. But he is a brave activist for human rights and sometime he picture himself with cigarette, like he is smoking Cannabis. Interesting fact is that the police didn’t take much of the high-quality and potent RSO, which Dragan showed them?! Prohibition of Cannabis and THC oil is very strict in Serbia. So why didn’t they take it?! In our legislation THC is labeled as ‘psychotropic substance’ which is not criminally prosecuted, but cannabis plant is “dangerous drug” that is criminally punished by our law! In Europe cannabis flower is allowed in small quantities, and hi-THC oil is strictly forbidden. Here is opposite now so you can have a picture of the court and police hypocrisy.

‘And I am Dragan Alargić’ Dragan ad Dr Lumir Hanuš on Connference in Belgrade september 2014


Dragan have serious hart illness, and he uses high THC oil to regulate his blood pressure and the adrenaline level as he has kidney tumor. He daily uses organic cannabis, otherwise he should use lot of ‘classic’ medicine drugs that do not do any good for him.

If the judge decides to keep him in jail during the process he will surely reject the medical drugs, and his life will be threaten.

Our Humanitarian Organization posses a lot of data and facts about the people who stand behind fake dealers, and we shall publish these facts within next few days.

We need help from all of YOU around the world, especially from Europe, because we do not have any other help. Media ignore our organization and our patients and we exist as formal organization, for more than four years.

Since then we collected video testimonies from ill people, families and children who successfully heal themselves by cannabis oil creating the biggest database in Europe.

“Serbia, free Драган Аларгић and let him do his work. Dragan is a top Serbian expert in cannabis oil medicine and he has saved many lives. Such people should be treated as heroes, not as criminals, I’m convinced. End the drug war.” Jindrich Bayer


Tomorrow morning, is his first trail, and we are happy to see so many supporting from all around. Our Slovenian comrades will be tomorrow with us to defend the HERO!


IRKA team

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