Korišćenje i priprema ulja od cvetova (supozitoriji, inhalacija)

Usage of full extracts of cannabis flowers (RSO) in combination with vegetable oil

Oral using of decarboxylated extracts of cannabis flowers – CANNABIS OIL in combination with vegetable oil, in this case with coconut, enhances the beneficial effects of cannabis and bioavailability about 3 times and allows you to modulate the effect the way you want.

Preparation: 3 gr/ml of cannabis and 15 ml of coconut oil – merge ingredients on the steam, in a ceramic pot, which is partly submerged in the hot water to become liquid oil, then divide into 3 syringes of 5 + 1 ml full syringe of this mix contains 1 ml of cannabis oil that can be used without any problems while you observe the syringe notches. 1ml of this mix contains 0.16 ml (166 mg) of cannabis oil, and the ‘formula’ for this mix is universal and is easy to dosage.
( ‘Rice grains’ I cannot look as a therapy, and I will not even count like that )


Oil mixed with coconut oil from the cannabis flowers in a ratio of 5: 1, in one syringe the amount of 1ml / g of extract from cannabis flowers. Whether you use oil with a high % of THC or with high% CBD ,you will have 3 times more bioefficacy in this combination. For a reduced psychoactive ,but increased healing effect, you can use the above-mentioned bio-oils that quickly bring in CBD into the body (from hemp seeds, olive oil, cocoa butter)

Cancer: Start with micro-doses with 1 ml of mixture of 3 intakes per day which amounts to a total of 0,166 ml, or if you are more cautious and sensitive,take about half a 1 ml, (around 0.6 ml), because it can be easily divided and there is an initial single dose of 0.03 ml (30 mg), which is total of 0.09 ml of 90 mg per day (total daily dose).
Then every 3 days double the dose until you reach at least 1 ml per day, and if you have opportunities -the more is the better. Dosage is referred for cancer, for everything else is individual.

Cannabis has no negative effects, so we encourage and advice everyone to find their ideal dose for the treatment of other diseases, because someone needs bigger and someone needs smaller doses for the same disease.

Hold the mixture in the mouth for as long as you can,around 5-7 minutes, to get through the mucous membranes and be quickly absorbed, its more efficient, and combination has pleasant aroma. Do not mix it in your mouth !! The molecules of vegetable oil that ‘carries’ oil from the cannabis flowers are heavier, they are the first ones to fall on the mucous membrane and be immediately absorbed, and what remains, and what is left to swallow is nearly all vegetable oil.
You can use other vegetable oils such as olive oil, hemp seeds oil, or cocoa butter, all those enhancing the medical utilization of extracts from cannabis flowers, help bio-absorption three times, and curative effect as well.

  • Olive oil, hemp seeds oil and cocoa butter make the ‘psycho’ effect is less felt, since the body first being introduced with the CBD, and then with the THC, so the effect is more physical with a clear head.
  • Coconut oil first brings THC,then CBD and other cannabinoids,which has the effect of THC-a slightly enhanced, but it is easier to control and direct the energy throughout the day.
  • Cocoa butter provides long-lasting absorption of the drug and is very suitable for suppositories because with them combined, can be kept at room temperature and hospital conditions without refrigeration.It melts easy on the mucous membranes in the mouth and on the skin.

We recommend that anyone who is using cannabis extracts, to try different vegetable oils in the different time of day in combination and you will specify what suits you best for everyday tasks and normal operation.

This guide applies to all decarboxylated extracts of cannabis flowers ( cannabis ‘oil’) whether is from strains that contain a high percentage of THC, CBD or strains with THC and CBD relations around 50-50%.

For all who use cannabis and extracts of cannabis flowers and do not want,due to daily tasks, work, or do not like psychoactive and euphoric effects, which the use can cause, the advice is to take CBD extract (similar dose as i THC), 2 hours before using cannabis oil or inhalation of cannabis, which will continue with healing work and you will be able to function, you will be cheerful and in good moods.

For suppositories is the same. Use the relation 1:4 to 1:10 ( Cannabis extract – vegetable oil ) depending on doses you need. 

Knowledge is power:

One heart <3
20.4 Che, Milos and IRKA team

Članak na srpskom: https://irka.org.rs/upotreba-ekstrakta-cvetova-kanabisa-ulja-u-kombinaciji-sa-biljnim-uljima-kokos/


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